"A man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." - Proverbs 27:17

Letter From a Friend to Church Ministries
#76: February, 2003

John Adams on America's 21st Century Problems

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate tothe government of any other."

News IndustryDamage Control

During the Washington DC sniper investigation you can bet the News Industry was all prepared with stories about "Right Wing, Military Trained Militia Man Caught." They wanted to play the race issue. They also wanted to bash the military and of course, conservatives. Then their absolute worst nightmare came true.

  1. The man was black
  2. He was not militarytrained
  3. He was another murderousMuslim

They immediately went into "DamageControl" mode. Orders were given, "Nevercall our murderous ally by his Muslim name." "Find a way to blameU.S. policy in Afghanistan." "Find a way to shift the blame togun companies." "But DON'T say anything negative about Muslims!They are our allies."

John Adams was right!

U.S. Forest Service Arsonists

U.S. Forest Service workers burned down most of Los Alamos, New Mexico a few years ago by setting intentional fires that "got away" from them. Then we find it was a U. S. Forest service worker (notice how the News Industry squelched the story once it came out?) who set the fire that burned a major portion of Colorado last year. It's amazing! The Federal government doesn't think we can be trusted with guns and they can't even be trustedwith matches. John Adams was right!

More U.S. Forest Service Corruption

Hair from an "endangered" lynxwas fraudulently planted in three national forests in hopes of expanding thearea of "protection." Ifthe conspirators had been successful, the Federal government would have bannedrecreation and use of natural resources in Wenatchee, Gifford Pinchot and MountBaker/Snoqualmie National Forests in Washington state. The Forest Service weaklydenied charges of conspiracy and said it was just "bad judgement." Thatcould be believed if it was one employee who perpetrated the fraud. But itwas seven! None were reprimanded or punished. (Try taking so much as a pineconefromone of these forests and see what happens to you!) Six were reassigned withinthe government bureaucracy. A seventh retired with full benefits.

Meanwhile,yet another federal henchman was caught planting lynx hair in the Oregon CascadeMountains.

Several points to be made here:

  1. How many "Protected" areas now in existence became that way due to similar fraud?
  2. Why are government criminals not considered criminals at all?
  3. Why are environmentalists allowed free reign within the U.S. Forest Service?

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Wapiri Wama

Bro. Wapiri was one of the pastors who broughthis church to the meetings in Papua New Guinea. Wapiri was one of the studentsin the Bible institute. Hewas not considered the sharpest knife in the drawer. For sixteen years he laboredon with about three people in his bush church. Then a few years ago the churchcaught fire and now he runs over 100. He had one of the largest churches atthemeeting. What was his secret of success? He simply refused to quit!

How BillClinton Cursed Our Country

  1. The real "Decade of Greed" was the two terms Bedroom Bill Clinton had in the White House. All those crooked corporate executives you're hearing about made their illicit money during his administration. It took an honest President to expose their criminal acts.
  2. Lying Bill "negotiated" a peace plan with the North Koreans that netted them billions of dollars. Now...surprise, surprise...they've reneged on it! Who could have known?

Look Who Helped!

After the 1954 Geneva Treaty dividing Vietnam at the 17th parallel, citizens of the communist north were given a year toevacuate to the south. Many weresick with trachoma, worms, cholera, tuberculosis, leprosy, skin syphilis, malariaand numerous other tropical diseases. Medications for these diseases were desperatelyneeded. Dr. Tom Dooley, the Navy officer treating these people, asked U. S.drug companies for 25,000 doses of Terramycin. Guess what these "greedy" companiesdid? They sent multitudes more than he asked for. Thousands of lives were savedby the companies our News Industry calls "greedy."

Why does theNews Industry hate drug companies? Because the New Media is pro-communist andanyone who relieves the suffering of those afflicted by communism is anenemy to them. So they do nothing but attack them until you people, readingthis, believethe News Industry's anti-business propaganda!

Physician, Heal Thyself!

Everywhere they go, UN "Peacekeepers" promotecorruption. Now, women from Moldova, Ukraine, Romania and other poverty riddeneastern European countriesare being taken to Bosnia with the promise of jobs and then being forced intoprostitution to serve UN "Peacekeepers." Just as in Cambodia, Mozambique & Kosovo,the UN is keeping with its track record of corrupting the nations that itsmilitary forcefully invades.

Fight On!

When the Titanic sunk on April 14, 1912, 1,523 people died. Mrs. Joan Murray, a passenger was not one of them. She survived. Undeterred by her brush with death, four years later she was aboard the Lusitania when it was torpedoed on May 7, 1915. She survived another sinking. Unbelievably, she survived yet again in 1927 when her ship, the Celtic, collided with the Anaconda in the Atlantic. Sail on!

Americans, Not to be Ignored

The American automotive press has told Americans that our cars are poorly built for so long that most non-thinkingAmericans simply parrot that charge withoutproof. But facts are hard to ignore. America is pounding the Japanese and Germans.General Motors blew away the Nissan Altima as the best midsize car. It wasreplaced by the Chevy Malibu in first place, the Oldsmobile Alero in secondand the PontiacGrand Am in third. The Buick Century is the best premium midsize car followedby the Chevy Monte Carlo. The Buick LaSabre is the best full size car. TheFord Expedition was the best full size SUV the second year in a row. And theFordThunderbird, in its first year, flattened the Acura TL and the Lexus ES 300as best entry luxury car. Of course, you won't believe this because theNews Industry hasn't told you to. Ignore them!

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