"A man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." - Proverbs 27:17

Letter From a Friend to Church Ministries
#87: February, 2005

Hate, Not Help
The aftermath of the tsunami in south Asia has been extremely revealing. Muslim nations have given next to nothing to their own Muslim brethren. Why is this? Because Islam is a religion of hate and they cannot find it in themselves to change from that course. Did you notice that, while the New Mafia carried stories criticizing Western aid it has been mute concerning the hardness of Arab hearts? Why? Because the New Mafia hates the West and wants to bolster anything (Islam) that can undercut it. Therefore it will never carry any stories critical of Islam. (Or Mormonism, or homosexuals or...)

Help, Not Hate
Western (Christian) nations have had an overwhelming outpouring of aid for people who have sworn our destruction. Why? Because most of Europe was spiritually altered by The Reformation and even in secular countries like France there is a residual Christian spirit of charity.

Just one more reason why Christianity is superior to Islam.

Democratic Slavery
During the18th and 19th century slavery was practiced in this fashion. A black man, usually a Muslim, raided an African village and kidnapped natives and sold them into slavery against their will. During the 20th & 21st centuries slavery is still being practiced but in a different manner. Now black men, like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, sell their black brothers into being slaves of the liberal political machine.

During the recent presidential election Al "Give me the money!" Sharpton was paid $86,715 by the Democratic (Slave Master) Party. Who told the Democratic National Committee to purchase this black mouthpiece? John "Al's my boy!" Kerry.

Pray for the poor, honest, unrepresented blacks in this country who are taught to do only two things; hate whites and vote Democratic. They still need to be set free!

Home Schoolers
Home schoolers make up only 1.7% of the nation's school-age population. Yet in the National Geographic Bee, of 2002, when 5 million contestants were trimmed to just 55 finalists, 12 (21.8%) were Home Schooled.

On May 22, home schooler Calvin McCarter of Michigan, won that contest. Home schooler, Erik Miller, of Kent, Washington, came in 3rd. Two more home schoolers were in the remaining seven finalists.

The 1999 National Geographic Bee was won by home schooler, David Beichl, of Saluda, South Carolina.

The 2000 contest went to George Thampy of Maryland heights, Missouri who also won 2nd place in the National Spelling Bee.

The 2001 National Geographic Bee had 8 home schooled finalists in it. Four were in the final 10 including Jason Ferg, of Dallas, Texas, who came in 3rd overall.

National Geographic Bee spokeswoman, Ellen Siskind said, "Home Schoolers tend to be in a lot of the contests, and we have found that they are very bright."

Parents, home schooling is good. Just don't put your home school group ahead of your church.

Meeting the 7000

Richard & Cheryl Ager
Bro. Ager pastors the Chinook Baptist Church in Pasco, WA. Bro. Ager has been a faithful for years. As I write this his wife, Cheryl, is in dire need of a liver transplant. Her liver has been failing for several years and she is in poor condition. Doctors never expected her to see 2005.

In spite of this, Bro. Richard is always upbeat and hopeful. There is never a tone of despair or bitterness in his letters about his wife's condition. Cheryl has always been a picture of patience and grace through her suffering. It is not known at this time whether Cheryl will get a transplant or go to be with the Lord. But she and her husband are an example of how we, as Christians, should face adversity. Please pray for her recovery.

"Release Time"
Many churches and Christian schools don't know about it but there is a federal program called "Release Time." It mandates that students can be released from classes for one hour to be given "religious training." Your church could be teaching Bible classes to public school students on school time if you have the boldness to do more than just gripe about conditions in public schools. Check with your local school and don't give up.

Attention Church Skit Writers
Christians are great ones for doing skits exposing the flaws of their fellow Christians. Haven't we had enough of that? In a society that has nothing but scorn for Christianity do we really need to bash ourselves too?

If you are the one who writes skits for your church, school or youth camp why don't you write ones that make fun of the hypocrisy of the News Mafia, Hollywood or public Education? Let's get our people laughing at what's really worthy of scorn and ridicule.

Fight On!
During the American Revolution the sweltering temperatures during the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey, were almost as deadly as the British. Men drooped and dropped from heat exhaustion and dehydration during the grueling battle. Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley, whose husband was a cannoneer in the battle saw the dire situation and meant to do something to help the beleaguered Colonials. She gather pitchers and made trip after trip to a nearby stream and rushed the life-giving liquid back to the prostrate soldiers. Then word came that her own husband had dropped from heat exhaustion. She ministered water to him and laid him in the shade and grabbed the ramrod and ordered the other artillery man to load the cannon. She serviced the cannon the rest of the afternoon until the British finally retreated. Exhausted herself from the battle she made her way over to her husband's side and lay beside his unconscious form. Both survived and later lived out their lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Because of her heroic act of cannoneer she was granted a sergeant's commission and half-pay for life. Because of her selfless act of helping the stricken men she went down in history as "Molly Pitcher." Fight on!

The First Environmentalist
Like many environmentalists today, this man was an actor in the 1830s but he was also a drunk. He would allow no firearms on his estate, "The Farm." and no trees could be cut for firewood. He allowed no animals to be killed on it. He considered lizards, turtles and mosquitos to be as worthy of life as he. He raised his children to be strict vegetarians. He was subject to frequent seizures. When his horse died he had his wife wrap herself in a sheet and sit on the body while he walked around it with a shotgun and read a funeral service. When his daughter died he laid her body in bed with him and alternately laughed and cried. Although he was married, he lived with a woman other than his wife. His name was Junius Brutus Booth, the father of John Wilkes Booth. He was the first environmentalist.

Even though Pensacola, Florida was destroyed by a hurricane I saw a sign displayed where they were collecting money for the tidal wave victims in south Asia. Americans are all heart.

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