"A man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." - Proverbs 27:17

Letter From a Friend to Church Ministries
#94 June, 2006

USAToday reported on Feb 21, 2006, that 16 states have legislation pending that will prohibit homosexuals from adopting children. Then they slipped and reported that this is the second major loss for perverts. The first was the trouncing of "gay marriage."

...versus Fantasy
The very next day USAToday went into "damage control" mode anddid a front page story about the perverted film "Brokeback Mountain," amovie about two queer cowboys. (If you saw it you are wicked!) You see, theyknow that most Americans let the News Industry do all their thinking for them,so if they write a story making a movie about perverts seem accepted by thepublic, Americans will ignore the real losses of the perverts and think thatthe battle is already lost and quit resisting. Sooooo.... have you quit resisting?
(Maybe we should start playing "Cowboys & Queers.")

"Rum-dumb" Rumsfeld
Recently one of our 35 year old C-5 Galaxy cargo airplanes crashed. Our old C-130cargo planes have developed wing box problems. Our 30 year old A-10s have cracksin the wings. Our 35 year old F-15s and 25 year old F-117s and some of ourbombers are restricted from flying "all out" because of age relatedstructural problems. The Air Force is about to decommission 880 F-15s. Theywere going to replace them with 750 F-22s. But that got cut by Congress to380. It was then watered down to 270. Then, "Rum-dumb" Rumsfeldcut another 90 of those. We are about to give the winningest air forcein history a mere 180 front line fighters. With friends like Rumsfeld and Congresswho needs enemies? An enemy couldn't have destroyed 90 F-22s in one day!

Watchthis! We are now scheduled to buy 1763 F-35 light fighters to replace the retiringF-16. Watch what that figure gets whittled down to by America'senemies in Congress.

Anniversaries the News Media Won'tAcknowledge

  1. The fall of the Soviet Union
  2. The murderous shoot-down of Flight 007.
  3. The Tieniman Square Massacre.
  4. The victorious end of the American Revolution.
  5. The Soviet Union's defeat in Afghanistan.

Who Will You Believe, CNN or the NFL?
CNN keeps trying to terrify us with reports of a "bad" economy.In 2004 the National Football League set a record in ticket sales. This wasthe first time since...2003!

What About These Poll Numbers?

  • 63% of people surveyed in a recent poll think it's OK to teach evolution in school.
  • 76% think it's OK to teach Creation in school.

Meeting the 7000

Mrs Mary Weisner
While waiting at the gate to fly out of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Kathysaw a very old lady, in a wheelchair, all alone waiting for the plane. Shewent and spoke with her. What a lady! Her name was Mary Weisner. She was 92years old and had flown to PNG alone as she does every year. She had marrieda Marine who had served in New Guinea during WWII. They lived an ungodly life.At 36 years old they got saved and Bro. Weisner felt called back to PNG tobe a missionary. When they arrived in 1965 the village they went to was a "refuge" village.That meant it was a stronghold for murderers and criminals where police wouldnever enter. In they went. Over the next four decades they started severalchurches and adopted seven native children. (One is the pastor of a churchthey started.) Their village is an eleven hour march through the jungle. WhenMr. Weisner died three years ago Mrs. Weisner had to come back to the states.She now lives in North Carolina and flies alone to PNG every year to visither old mission field. She's suffered a broken back but that still doesn'tstop her. Kathy asked her if the different environments affected her sleepingand she returned, "Oh, I could sleep on a pile of coconuts!" FromPNG she was going Singapore for a week where she said she would see a Muslimtaxi driver she has been witnessing to for 20 years.

This dear old Sister hasbeen serving Christ most of her life and hasn'tyet discovered she's supposed to be too old to keep going.

This Is a Test
They ate him. They were Mohawks. He was a settler. They gouged out his eyes, cut off his nose and ears and then scalped him while he was still alive. They slashed his abdomen open and laughed as his bowels fell out. Then they ripped his chest open and tore out his heart and passed it around, eating it raw. Then they cut him up, cooked him and ate him.
Did you just say, "Well, he had it coming. White men stole the Indians' land."?Are you more "offended" because I reported this atrocity than youare with the Indians for perpetrating it? This was a test to see if your thinkinghas been programmed and enforced by your TV. If you got upset with anyone butthe Indians you're an idiot who is unable to think for yourself.

THE Lesson of Hurricane Katrina
If you think Hurricane Katrina was the judgement of God on New Orleans then beware. Good King James Bible believers lost everything. God didn't spare them. Thus, if God judges America don't be so foolhardy as to believe you will escape judgement or so piously stupid as to say, "I don't care if it hits me too, just so America gets what it deserves." Maybe we should pray for revival.

Fight On!
When World War II broke out, mild-mannered Freddie Tilston left his job in Windsor, Ontario, at the Sterling Drugs Co. and joined the Canadian Army. He soon found himself an officer. In March of 1945 his 2nd Canadian Division soldiers were slugging it out with desperate, battle-hardened German troops in the Hochwald Forest. Major Tilston led his men courageously during the battle. Although he had an eye shot out and a wound in the hip, he fearlessly crossed an open field six times to get more ammunition for his men whileGerman fire attempted to end his heroic effort.

Finally, a mortar round hitnear him and both of his legs were mangled. He refused medical evacuationuntil German resistence ended. As a result of his wounds, both of his legshad to be amputated. But that wouldn't stopthis charging Canadian. He returned to his job at Sterling Drugs on artificiallegs. Ever aggressive, he was soon appointed vice president of sales. He thenwent on to become the company president. Not one to stop while an objectiveremained unsecured, he ended his tenure at Sterling as chairman of the board.

Inwar and peace he had learned the value of being aggressive. Fight On!

In 1994 18% of the homeless bums in rescue missions were women.In 2004 it was 23%.

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