"A man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." - Proverbs 27:17

Letter From a Friend to Church Ministries
#46: August, 1998

Our Vietnamese "Friends"

In 1967 a horrified, captured Green Beret watched as an NVA officer cut open the belly of a fellow Green Beret POW and let his intestines fall to the ground. Then he stuck a flamethrower in his stomach and literally melted him alive.

While this was happening, a young, dope-smoking, woman-chasing Bill Clinton was in Moscow displaying his hatred for America by rooting for the NVA!

Bill and the Commies

You always help the people you love and hurt the ones you hate. In his six years as king Clinton has helped Russia, China and Vietnam. (Where's Cuba, Bill?) He has also cut our military to poverty levels. Who does he love? Who does he hate?

News Media Manipulation

The fourteen-year-old boy that murdered three girl students and paralyzed a fourth when he opened fire on a prayer meeting is an Atheist. He used to stand and heckle those same students. He also threatened them. Yet the News Media, who hates Christians just as much as he does, down plays this and won't call it a "hate crime."

Yet, when the queer Jeffrey Daumer was arrested, the Media was faced with a different problem. You see, they are sworn never to say anything bad about homosexuals. What could they do? They condemned Daumer for racism because he only killed and ate non-whites and suddenly every white man in the country had to bare the guilt rather than every queer.

The Guns? Or the Kids?

In the 50's and 60's there were guns laying around loose in American homes, and kids taking them to school and shooting fellow students. It's not the guns!

  1. Take the anti-God & anti-human brainwashing forced on kids in school.
  2. Add computer games where the player stalks hallways and kills people.
  3. Plus rock music that urges violence and murder.
  4. And finally movies where the "bad guy" is thoroughly evil and never repents.

What do you have? A modern day school shooter!
Bring back God and morals to schools and throw out every educator who resists!

But there are Victories!

In Boise, Idaho, the 39-year-old queer leader of the "Gay Pride" celebration mocked a church sign that said, "Homosexuality. An alternate death style." The queer-promoting News Media was right there to help--inferring/hat the pastor was "homophobic." That night the insolent queer died of a heart attack! Even a morality-hating News Media couldn't prevent that! God - 1 The News Media - 0.

Proverb 27:9 - "Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so cloth the sweetness of a man's friend by hearty counsel.

Meeting the 7000

Pastor Rick DeMichele

Bro. DeMichele pastors the Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho. (Which was the church with the aforementioned sign.) Bro. DeMichele took the church thirteen years ago amidst turmoil when it was running 250. It is now running 850. Bro. DeMichele is not afraid to stand against abortion or the homosexual lobby. He also feeds his people a steady diet of King James Bible, and God has blessed. Treasure Valley is a great, Christ-honoring church because of a pastor who is true to the Book and doesn't skirt the issues.

So don't be afraid to stand against the world for what is right.

Did the Chinese shoot down a USAF airplane?

Air Force Magazine reports that a U.S. F-16 of the 51S' Fighter wing of Osan AB, South Korea, crashed on March 25,1998. The news note says the F-16 crashed "over" the Yellow Sea between Korea and China. How did a plane crash "over" the sea? Did it crash with a Chinese SAM missile? Would Comrade Clinton tell us if it did?

How's your 25-year-old car?

Would you take a long trip in a 1973 Chevrolet? Do you want a 25-year-old computer? Would you go to war in a 25-year-old airplane? That's what our Air Force is being forced to do. Our first line fighter, the F- 15 is now 25 years old while our B-52's are almost 40! And now, due to Clinton cuts, planes are being cannibalized to keep others in the air.

"Secondary Separation" the Primary Scam!

Did Methodist Bob Jones University recently revoke the honorary doctorate of an Independent Baptist song leader because he took a position in a Southern Baptist church? Would the inventors of "Secondary Separation," that hellish false doctrine that has caused such division to the cause of Christ, do that and then justify Bob Jones IV's attendance at Notre Dame, the premier Roman Catholic school in the country? How often does Bro. Jones go to Mass? What will happen when he takes the helm of BJU? How can anyone hypocritically promote "secondary" separation when they don't practice "primary" separation from the Great Whore of Revelation?

More News Media Intolerance

Don't you wonder about a News Media that can't tolerate Reggie White's statements against homosexuals but never criticizes the verbal vomit of scumbags like Howard Stern? Doesn't that tell what they hate. (Straight people) and what they love (Perverts)?

But there you are. Sitting dutifully in front of your TV having the News Media install your latest opinion in your head so you can obediently parrot your electric god.

But then, why think? When you have a TV to give your opinion?

Notes of Interest

The airfield that Charles Lindbergh took off from to fly the Atlantic is now a shopping mall. There were 36 new roller coasters constructed in the U.S. Iast year. Are we having fun yet?

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