"A man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." - Proverbs 27:17

Letter From a Friend to Church Ministries
#41: December, 1997

Bill Clinton, A History Making President

Since becoming President by rule of the News Media, Bill Clinton has "Gone where no President has gone before." He has accomplished many historical firsts. Being the first President:

  1. To make a member of the Russian Mafia our representative to Ukraine in dealing with nuclear weapons.
  2. That had a Red Chinese spy as a personal friend at the White House.
  3. That had a Colombian drug lord as a guest at the White House.
  4. To have gone to Moscow to call for the destruction of the United States.
  5. To admit that he "loathes" the military.
  6. To lose more military aircraft (5 in one week!) than we've lost in one week of any modern war we've fought.
  7. Had more appointees criminally investigated or forced to resign than any other President.

    (The Democratic News Media says nothing about this. But if he were a Republican....)

Bill Clinton, Guilty of Treason

Noah Webster defined "treason" as the act of a citizen of this nation waging war on the United States and of giving aid to its enemies. Bill Clinton is guilty of plotting to overthrow the government of this country and of waging war on it and aiding its enemies. How? His plan is simple. He is doing everything in his power to emasculate and disarm our military. Then he will attempt to get us into a war (Iraq, Iran, or maybe with Japan). With an understrengthed, womanized military, we will then get our tail kicked! Then Clinton will have to beg help of the United Nations, and we will cease to be an independent nation. "Inner-dependent" not independent. This is treason. Bill Clinton hates America because... "A strong America is a detriment to a one-world government."

Don't blame Clinton. He's always hated America. Blame the News Media who forced him into office and refuses to attack his open wickedness.

Learning to "Interact"

One of the most stupid things people say to parents who homeschool is, "But how will your children learn to interact?" Following are some examples of "interaction" that homeschoolers miss.

  1. 75 5th graders in Collins, Ohio, have to be tested for AIDS because their teacher had them all use the same needle to take blood in a "science experiment."
  2. A 35-year-old teacher in Washington state had a child by a 13-year-old student she seduced.
  3. Students in a Pennsylvania school were paired up, boy/boy and girl/girl, and forced to pretend they were marrying each other.
  4. Studies show that most teachers have little training in the subject they teach.

Hey, Stupid! We send them to school to learn "Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic;" not to learn to "interact"!

Public education IS child abuse!

Meeting the 7000

Jim Burnett

Brother Burnett is a black pastor who founded the Norfolk Bible Baptist Church seven years ago. Brother Jim spent over 21 years in the Navy and retired as an E-7. You will not find any finer people than Bro. Burnett and the outstanding people in his church. These folks love the Lord and are an example of what Christians are supposed to be.

So what have you accomplished for the Lord?

There is No "Calvary"!

If you believe in a "hill called Calvary," you would believe in a nonexistent place according to the translators of the New International Version.

The word "Calvary" only appears once in Scripture (Luke 23 :33). That is, if you have a Bible, a King James Bible. But if you have an NIV, you will find that there is no reference to "Calvary" in Luke 23:33 or anywhere else. Thus anyone referring to "Calvary," according to them, is referring to a place that never existed! But! As the song says, "I believe in a hill called Mount Calvary," but I don't believe in the NIV!

Mindless Americans

I know what you are upset about right now. Whatever your TV "god" has commanded you to be upset about! That s no overstatement. Remember when you were upset about EL Salvador? So when is the last time you even thought about EI Salvador? It was the last time your TV news stuffed it in your face and demanded, "Worry about this!"

Ever since you surrendered your brain to your TV, you can only get upset about what your Media Master orders you to. You don't think! You watch! And then you are told what to be upset about and what to do about it, and then you go and actually think it was your idea.

When Communism died, the News Media asked themselves, "What are we going to scare them with now?" So they invented an environmental crisis. Think about it. You've only heard about the environment being a problem since Communism fell. It will continue a "crisis" until the State Department can manufacture China into a major threat in about 10 years.

And you? You'll just keep on bowing down and worshiping your television and obeying its commands as though its ideas were yours.

Don't worry! Microwave some more popcorn and go watch more sports. But please! Don't start thinking independently of your television. Then you might really be scared!

The Boycott Is Working

AT&T is hurting because Christians have abandoned it for its large financial support of the queers. Recently they had to give up am attempt to handle local telephone service because people refused to sign up. YOU made the difference with your dollars.

Continue to support the Disney boycott. Don't buy any Disney products! Don't buy Disney shins, videos, watches, or visit Disney's theme parks on vacation. Then write Disney and rub it in their face. They can support queers or Christians but not both.

When you do Nothing. You help the devil.

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